Sunday, June 28, 2009

June is almost over

Well guys, believe it or not, July is just a few nights away. Things have been kicking at a good pace here in Ginowan. As we sit back and remember the events of this month, it seems so far away!

We started this month seeing many of our good friends to the Airport. They are all doing well and staying warm and fed. Many of the students are either home, or ministering on another continent. Our Korea group is keeping social and are always on the move, they are blessed and blessing those around them.

Shortly after that, the Ruiz family (our pastor and bible college director) returned to the states for a short furlough. I would hardly call it a break of any kind, as they did ministry almost the whole 3 weeks they where gone.
While they where away, we took time to regroup and do some much needed spring cleaning around the Café. Things are looking first class around here.

Our Japanese youth group has also seen a number of additions over the month as well, welcoming a new Christian named Yuu. Praise the Lord! He is a highschooler and very shy, so please pray for him as he starts to understand how life is going to change as he follows Christ.

Now, as the month is closing, we have welcomed the Ruiz family back to the Island and we are looking forward to the new faces that will be joining us this summer.

S.O.S Japan! (Summer Of Survice, Japan!) will be kicking off July 13th with a growing group of willing hearts. The program is 5 weeks long, and is going to be packed with English Teaching outreaches, concerts and camping trips all around the Island. Please keep us in prayer as we desire to make an impact on this Island for Jesus Christ. This is a dying, hopeless society and they are searching for some kind of Light.

The weather is heating up and so are our hearts for the land before us. Lets get the Gospel out and see what Jesus has planned for us!!

-The Spearmans

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Rusty!

Saturday was Rusty's birthday!! He finally hit 21! After eating lunch, we had a smoothie party at the Cafe. Later that night people came over to the Ruiz house and we all hung out. They brought so many snacks, we couldn't finish them all! Rusty was totally blessed by the friendship and fellowship. Thank you everyone who stopped by and gave their birthday wishes.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer in Okinawa

For those of you who don't follow us on facebook, i would like to share with you a short video i made. It highlights the past Bible College semester and some of our trip to Korea. I hope you enjoy it and are blessed by it.

Thats just a sneak peek at what we do all the time around Okinawa. I hope it made you smile.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Trevor

Last night Trevor had a bunch of us all over to celebrate his birthday. It was a night filled with cake, chocolate fondue, homemade chocolatechip cookies, chips, cheetoes, ice cream, soda, tea, coffee and air conditioning!!
It was so much fun taking a night to hang out with Trevor and wish him well.

Happy Birthday Trevor, keep 'em comin'.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Art work.

Hey guys, just wanted to share with you about an opportunity amber has this month.

Amber is working with 2 guys to put together a flier for a island wide worship rally. It's going to be called Peace and the whole idea is that we want to share with everyone where the true source of Peace comes from.
It's going to be a fun project, and as soon as it's available, we'll show you the finished products!

Friday, June 05, 2009


June is upon us and things are starting to shake up around the Koinonia Cafe. Okinawa is getting warmer and a humid Japanese
summer is beginning to turn the corner. With this change, we had to let some of our friends go.

On Wednesday morning we saw off Megan, Amanda and Dean.
Megan is now in mainland Japan, serving alongside Rich and Candice in Tokorozowa.

Amanda and Dean
flew off to the not so far away land of South Korea to fall in line with Calvary Chapel Daejeon. Mike Loudermilk is training them along with former Ginowan crew Sossimo and Daniel. It was just the opening to another adventure when we took them to the airport and the goodbye's were not so bitter, because they will all three be back in August to attend the Bible college
once again.
They could not ignore the promoting of the Holy Spirit, and although they loved Okinawa, they knew that if they did not go they would be saying "no" to God.

With that in mind, i would like to challenge you to search your heart today. Where is God leading you? Is he telling you to leave something you love? Is he promoting you to change? Have you walked away without even saying anything? I pray that you would take some time today and get honest with God.

Even if you don't know how to change whats happened, at least get level with him and trust in Him to show you the next step.If you have any prayer requests, please feel free to e-mail rusty and I and we would love to pray for you.


Prayer Requests:
Please pray that we would continue to be faithfull in fufilling our ministry in japan by Preaching the Word of God, not our own.
Please pray for Yumiho, she moved to mainland but before she left, Amber was able to share with her about God.

Praise reports:
Ambers Father is doing very well, and is looking to start going back to work
Rusty's mom is recovering well from her sugery.
Amanda is in Korea! Praise the Lord!!