Monday, February 15, 2010

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare.

Just wanted to drop by and share a with you guys a little bit.

This week the topic of spiritual warfare has been on my mind a lot. Last week in our midweek womens study thru 2nd Corinthians was the beginning of it. Ive always liked the topic because I think that understanding it helps a lot when you run unto it. I also like it because its one "problem" that we can always fix and win against. We find much encouragement in Ephesians and Galatians about it and thru a deeper understanding of it we can learn to use the defenses God has given us.

Even this morning (my day off) I was hit with a good chunk of it. It can be easy to give ourselves excuses and say things like "im just off today" or "its the weather" or whatever. Ive even found myself saying "its just my emotions" as if thats even a real excuse anyways. In all honest those are just thin coverings for what we're really saying; "I care more about myself than anything else" or "I matter most." If we are honest, thats what we really mean. And when we are feeling that way, of course we're going to get down because we are humans with a smelly aroma of sin.

But this morning I remembered to rely on Jesus. The battle was hard but it was also beautiful. In Romans 8 we are reminded to be "more than conquers" thats a verb you know. It means "to be more than a conqueror, to gain a surpassing victory" and that is exactly what Jesus has in mind for us because He has already done the fighting for us.

In a world that tells us to stand for ourselves I would like to stand without my own defenses, but I want to stand under the defense of Jesus. I know I cant do it on my own, so I don't want to try putting up all the philosophy and sociology I have been subliminally taught all my life.

I just want the Cross. I want to let something so simple fix all my problems. Ever since I have decided to live this way I have joy and a real purpose in life.


Monday, February 08, 2010

2 weeks, one post.

Here we go guys. See if you can keep up!
On the 6th, we went to the Karaoke as a church. Travis waned to do something special for everyone who helps out in Childrens Church. So everyone who could met us at a Karaoke joint not that far from the church. As you notice from the pictures, it trumps any kind of Karaoke you may find in the states. Its a real sport out here!! We got a room that sits 20 and two microphones. We had lots of shakers and tambourines too. You can order all kinds of foods, sweets and drinks at one of these places.

Just about everyone came, and all but maybe 2 sang!

Looking for the perfect song...

But last week was the real party. One evening, just before we went to bed, we noticed that it was snowing like crazy outside!! I know we weren't the only ones who threw on some snow gear and headed outside.

Kicking back almost another whole week, we had Koinonia Klub like usual. Monopoly in full swing. We had the most kids we have ever had come this time, which was really great. We want the kids to come bcause they like hanging out, not because they are use to coming. With more kids, they get a bigger oppertunity to build friendships and choose how they want the evening to go. I left my camera out on accident, and this is one of the photos i ended up finding. A pretty good shot!

Please remember to pray for Daiske (dai-skay). He doesnt know Jesus by any other form than christmas but he still comes faithfully every week to hang with us.

We also thought you would like a peek at some bonsai trees from the nursery close to our house.
We are pretty sure they are plum trees. Ume. They look like the famous Sakura flowers, but they bloom earlier, have deeper colors and cost significantly less.

And yo end it off, catch a smile from some of our friends. They had a great time with the chalk!!

-The Spearmans