Thursday, February 26, 2009

School becoming the norm...

Well, eventually it happens. We are just shy of 4 weeks into school, and it has drifted into the normal routine for all of us. Classes are running smoothly, and everyone has a good grasp of the schedual.
Next week we are all looking forward to going to the Aquarium and Pineapple Park up north. Expect to see some beautiful pictures form myself and the other students.
The weather has been beautiful, even tho it's starting to get a little hot and humid. Keep us all in your prayers as we will be needing to adjust to the weather here.
Also please pray for Rusty as he is going to be opening up a new ministy on Camp Kinser. Pray that the Lord will show him directly and clearly what he needs to know and plan.
-The Spearmans

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday, Suday, Monday

Here is a quick, version of our weekend! Saturday 'Manda and Me painted the water tank for the church, so that during our church dedication on Sunday we could bless everyone with it. We painted a typhoon on the tank with Psalm 90:1,2!

Next was the evening! We went out to Mihama American Village and played some worship sets for Jesus! We handed out some fliers for the church and took the chance to talk with the people walkin' around.

Sunday! The Church Building Dedication! We had such a full night of food and fellowship! We had lots of curry and Hokaido Stew. We also invited a few fellow pastors from the area to celebrate with us.

Also the Roof is lookin' nice as we got the fire pit started for the first time Sunday night. Rusty did a great job keeping the fire from burning down the building.

Pastor Masaidosan giving a blessing for the church!

Monday was a free day for us, and me and 'manda adventured out. We found a cute bakery and took a few minuets to enjoy some of Japanese sweets before we went to Purikura!

i got chocolate and coffee while 'manda enjoyed cheesecake and orange juice. ^_^


i have my fathers nose! ^_~

Praise the Lord for such a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few recent pictures.

This a sky view of a war memorial we visited.

A Sakura blossom after the season.

Rusty and Tokito flying down the slide at the park!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Last M.E.L.T of the japanese school year.

Well, today was the last m.e.l.t of the Japanese semester at the Ryukyu University. (Japanese school ends in Febuary, and the new year begins in March) It's been a good semester getting to know some of the seniors. It's sad to know many of the people we have gotten to know will be moving back to the mainland for their jobs, but a few of them have gotten jobs in the surrounding areas and we will be seeing them at our evening services.
Please keep praying for the m.e.l.t ministry, as it opens a very impacting door for much of the younger community in Okinawa that would have never presented itself before. Christianity is known in Okinawa, but all thoughts of it are either actually Catholicism or Mormonism. So getting to know us thru m.e.l.t is a great, casual to come to a fuller understanding of Grace.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

School in full swing!

Well, with all the students here and orientation over with, we have started classes officially. Everyone has a packed schedule and we have lots of hard working students this semester.

Poor Eder, he just wanted to keep up with everyone else! Ah the consequences!
(but we all really know this would never happen to a mac)

Rusty and I have been keeping ourselves busy till the late evenings keeping up with everyone. Rusty is working on his last semester and is taking over 23 credits to finish! (Keep him in your prayers!!) And I am teaching the books of Ruth and Esther.

We are really enjoying being back on island and our Japanese is coming back (and expanding!). This semester Pastor Tim is offering the book of mark as a class, only given in Japanese. I've decided to sit in every week to soak up even more of the language. I won't be graded on it, but he will expect me to participate in the next few weeks once I get more comfortable!

Even with the work load, we can find the time to relax and take in the sites too, what a blessing.