Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Its the 23rd already? what??

So i realized today its been a long time since we updated. And we have done a lot too. Including my birthday and christmas parties. All without posting a picture. We don't have too many, but for all of your sakes, we will share a few images from our busy, busy month.

We will start with my (amber's) 22nd birthday.

(From the left: Karina, Fardin, Meri, Me, Koudai, Haruki)

I started the day off going to work, and was suprised around lunch time. The kids (and their moms, and rusty) all threw me a party with a big cake! Its about an hour and fifteen mins to commute to the preschool, so i was pretty amazed to see rusty at the school. And it was a real blessing to have the moms of these little guys come too. They are really sweet and they even made me a card.

Rich and Candice gave me the rest of the day off, so rusty took me out to dinner in Shinjuku! We went to this great place named Mokuola (pictured above lol) and we got some awesome burgers and fries. We also go to know our waiter a bit. He spoke great english, so we have a few short conversations with him when he could spare a moment (it was pretty packed)

We then closed the night with some coldstone. They sang us a special welcome to tokyo song and everything.
It really was such a wonderful birthday and i feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband to spend it with. The Lord is blessing us way more than we deserve or could have asked for.

Next up was the Tokorozawa WeGoEigo Christmas party. The picture is Mike and Jiai sharing the christmas story to the kids in full details. They don't really know much about christmas other than santa, jingle bells and special (really expensive and tiny) christmas cakes. So we wanted them to know the christmas story and also ended with the easter story. Pray that these kids will remember in their hearts as they grow older.

Lets see what next?

Taco Rice!
We totally got blessed by a family in the church with some taco seasoning and fixings, so we got right to making our "Okinawan soul food". Taco rice is always a welcome site in our house. (and you can see our christmas tree, just barley in the background! That was ALSO a gift from another family from the church! [also note the box of ornaments, still left unhung. we'll get to that christmas eve hahaha])

Just last saturday we went a few stops away to Tachikawa with a few people from the church and saw the Christmas Illumination. It was cold, packed and shiny but a good time. Lots of lights and some beautiful fireworks to end the evening.

This whole display is all champagne glasses with lights under it. Pretty cool huh?


Well again, im sorry for the delay, but for now this is Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Keep looking at Jesus for 2010!

-The Spearmans

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kitchen and Rooms Video

I got the video for the kitchen and rooms.

Once again, thank you so much everyone who is praying for us. The Lord has been so faithful to provide for every need that we have, both physical and spiritual. Thank you.

I'll try to post up other events soon!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hey everyone! I have so much to say and it seems so little time.

I threw together a quick video to show the outside of our house, I should be updating soon with the inside, with all of our new household things inside!

Also, I have some pictures of some Christmas events that have happened, I'll try to get those up soon too.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Quick Update!

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a real quick update on things (sorry I didn't have time to get pictures up, but hopefully tomorrow I can post em up.)

So, by God's grace, we got the free-standing house for rent! We were/are in the process of getting everything moved over and getting all of the small things that are needed for daily living. We were surprised when we realized that it just seems like there's a million different things you need to buy for convenience when you move into a new place (tape, band-aids, silverware, dishsoap and sponges, towels, bathroom stuff, everything that you *can't* think of when you are shopping for it ;) ).

For a quick update on our weekly schedule (rough update), We Go Eigo Fuchu (English school across town) we go to five times a week. I go monday and wednesday and Amber goes Tues, thurs and fri. We both have We Go Eigo Tokorozawa classes during the times we have off from Fuchu as well. I attend a pastor's devotion on Tuesday morning and Amber attends the Women's Wednesday on a Weekday (I just right now named it that, it's still unofficial though). Saturday nights we have Koinonia Klub, and Sunday we both are in weekly schedules for helping with kid's church.

Also, We'd like to sincerely thank all those who have put Amber and I up into a place and have helped us out - as far as actual housing goes. Don't worry we are also sincerely thankful for different kinds of support that others have given as well. But right now we would like to mention my parents, Pastor Tommy and Pastor Travis for specifically putting us up into a place until the Lord moved us into our own.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support, please, please continue to pray for us!

Again, this was somewhat of a quick update, I'll try to post back within the next day or two WITH pictures! Thanks everyone!