Friday, November 27, 2009

November fly-by!

Well November has been a busy month!
We've been staying busy at the church in Tokorozawa and we've been sharpening our ABC's down in Fuchu!
Starting a few weeks ago, even rusty has been heading down to the preschool once a week to help out with the classes. Wednesday is now his day on, and my day off. Also it gives me the opportunity to attend the women's fellowship at CCT. It' all in Japanese, but its a great way to hone my "Japanese ears" and get to know the ladies from the church better.

It's starting to get pretty cold around here too, but no snow. It's pretty rare to get snow, but not unheard of, so we'll see what Christmas brings us. Along with December brings us a big step. We found an apartment (right next to the church) and will move in on the 1st! Here are a few pictures from the inside.

Thats dining room/kitchen (sorry we couldnt get the whole thing in one picture)

And thats the kitchen (minus out fridge)Cant forget the shower room :]

Upstairs is next. This is the "right side" room. It has another one (pictured below) thats almost the same size. They have a sliding door between them.

Hopefully we can get some pictures when all the shutters are opened and theirs a little more decoration to look at. Untill then, you can take a look at these other things....

Tonight we went bowling. We went with the pastors family and another family from the church. We had a really good time, but somehow rusty ended up buying Kenta juice due to the difference in their scores :]

Hey and check this out! Some guy signed this and his signature is a real piece of art! Japanese people are artisans!

Well, anyways, thats whats up with us.
Keep us in your prayers please. Spiritual warfare is tough, but we have unlimited back up ;]

-Amber and rusty