Friday, October 29, 2010

Jamie Harris

Hey everyone, we're going to give everyone a late October/November update soon, but I wanted to introduce (as you can see at the top of our page for the weekend) Jamie Harris. He's my best friend and I wanted to link some of his new stuff he's been working on.
BY THE WAY: Amber did the graphics for Jamie ;)

Please keep in prayer:

Amber and the baby (the time is getting close!)
The men's conference coming up soon, should be a blast!
Tomorrow is the Harvest Festival alternative, Family Fun night at Fuchu!

Should be getting a few pictures too! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mid October

October is just about half way over now. Its begun to cool down significantly around here and we are really enjoying the Autumn nature. Here are a few snapshots from whats been happening this month!

Yeah, i know. Its just dinner, but it was really good! We stepped out with a friend in Kokkubunji and had a great dinner with him.

On a more "regular" note, we had the preschool's Sports day earlier in the month. We had a good turn out of about 30 kids and most of their parents. No one suffered any injuries and we had some really fun games with both the parents and the kids. Sports day can be a really big deal in japan and the parents always try to get to the event. It was great to see everyone get into it.

Our most recent event was the Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa Family Camp!
We went almost over to chichibu, to Hanno and booked us a few cabins and fire pits at a prefecture campground. Kind of like a State Camp Ground back in America.

Most of the church was able to make it out and we really had a good time. It rained the first day, but after than we had a beautiful blue sky and even got to have a huge campfire.
The kids are already excited for next year and we just about have the campfire smell out of all of our clothes. All in all, it was a fantastic family camp.