Monday, August 31, 2009

We made it

Flying domestic is way better than international.
We arrived in tokyo with no problems. But the typhoon has brought in some COLD weather!!!
It's rainy and so cold my feet are reminding me more and more as the night goes on!
But tomorrow we are told it's going to be back up in the 90's!
Praise the Lord that he has provided for us to stay in Tokyo!
Keep us in your prayers and thank the Lord for the work He is going to do!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tokyo bound

Tomorrows the big day. We're moving out of Okinawa and going to live in Tokyo. Wow!
August went by so fast and it's hard to believe we're moving out. Okinawa has been a blessing and it will be hard not to cry once we leave. But the people we have come to call family will always be just a phone call away.
Well, still got some stuff to pack, so stay tuned for our Big City updates.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Very Delicious Day in Japan

Tomorrow is almost here!
And 'Manda is going to be here!
She will fly from Korea back to Okinawa tomorrow morning! Praise the Lord!!! I know ive missed her a lot, but she has been a blessing in Korea im sure. She has had the oppertunity to teach and plan lots of things. But im very excited to have her back on Island. It's been too long!

But before i forget today is a special day.

Aside from the fact that i got to enjoy fresh, only a day old Guava.


The most exciting thing is that today is National Ramen Day!!

Ta daaa!!!

We love Ramen around here. It's a chinese noodle, but we'll gladly call it our own ;)

Me and Joel have been working most of the day to create our own home made noodles and broth. The kitchen is smelling good and we're excited for the outcome.

But somone had to pop our bubble. We found out that it's not just National Ramen day. It's National Instant Ramen Day. *sigh* instand ramen was invented 50 years ago, chicken was the first flavor. Ah well. We still like the home made stuff!!

Have a bowl of Ramen for us.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Overcoming one fear at a time.

I did it guys.
Today i killed the biggest spider i have ever seen.

Yeah, I killed it.

I killed it dead with rustys shoe.

This morning i woke up before rusty. I was getting my sandals on to go to the bathroom (our bathroom isnt in our house lol) and i saw a brown thing on the wall above rustys awesome converse.
I thought it was a common gecko, an adorable Gecko. But i was wrong.

It was actually a young Okinawan Brown Spider.
It was horrible.

Here is a picture i found online of one of them. It's not my hand, spider or picture. I just wanted to let you guys know what kind of morning i had.

The spider in this picture is a little huskier than the one i killed. The one this morning had a slightly thinner body, but it was about the same size regardless.
I tried to kill it with the toe of Rusty's shoe and it scrambled away, so i put the shoe flat and gave it a sonic blow with the sole. Unfortunately the sound of the attack woke up rusty and i had to explain the whole event. Then he went back to sleep for another 10 mins or so.

I threw the caucus outside in the yard by the Shaquasha tree and a colony of ants where later seen carrying it away to some unknown hole.

All in all, just another day on the Island.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clean kitchen!

Whats today? Thursday? Right.
Well, Last night Rusty got the oppertunity to teach the mid week bible study at CCginowan. Tommy decided that since we are leaving Okinawa (for those of you who don't know, we are moving to tokrozowa August 31st!) soon, that he wanted to give rusty a chance to say what the Lord has been putting on his heart. Rusty spoke out of Ephesians and Tokito translated (thanks Tokster) and they had a good time. What a good experiance for Rusty. He is use to teaching Jr. High kids for only 20mins or so. This time it was his peers and also those who are a bit older. Seasoned christians who are deep into the Word. Rusty was a little nervous, but excited to share with everyone what the Holy Spirit had shown him. It's amzing the things we are capable of doing when we are excited and when the Holy Spirit shows us how. He gives us blessings and joy over the things we are to teach. It becomes more like overflowing than preaching. God is so good to us in that way isnt he.
As for today, we spent this morning cleaning! The kitchen and cafe all look great and i almost forgot to mention! We got a new sink in the kitchen! It doesn't leak and it's a lot deeper, its such a blessing. The guys are great here, and usually always do the dishes so i know if im feeling the blessin' they are twofold.
And none of that would be possible if you guys didnt pray for us. Thank you. Im so grateful for your prayers and support. I know me and rusty are feeling them every day.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Today has been just beautiful and its been a good day to get into the Word. After going to market today, we made lunch and had a relaxing afternoon.
We've been hanging out with Tommy's kids for most of the day. We're going to be leaving in a few weeks so it's been nice to hang out with the younger 2.

Today has also been hot.
At 7am it was already humid enough to make you sweat by standing, Praise the Lord we have air conditioning when we sleep. It's 6:10 while im writing this and it says 88/feels like 99 with 70% humidity. Phew. Sunset is in an hour and we have a dew point of 77 degrees. I guess that what you should expect from a tropical island in the middle of the ocean.

Let the Lord bless you guys

Thursday, August 13, 2009

August sun

Sorry for the lack of bloggage, we have had a wicked run of the flu at the church. Almost all the missionaries and students have gotten sick within the last 2 weeks. Including rusty and myself. We are pretty sure rusty had the swine flu, but it's a lot weaker out here and they don't even take you at the hospital for it. Too many people have it, so they just turn you away. We are advised to sleep, stay away from other people and drink lots of fluids. Rusty is doing really good, he just has a cough hanging around. I'm feeling pretty good too, but i also have a cough. They are deminishing, and thank you for all the prayer, i never got a fever like rusty did. We have all been spending some quality time in our beds and in the Word.
Please keep us all in pray tho, we still have students to send home and thru immigraton back to America. Also we will be getting a handful of brand new students in about 2 and a half weeks, so we would like to make sure the whole virus is gone before they come to school.

Aside form that, our August is shaping to be a hot and humid one.
The temperatures have been around the mid to upper 80's, but whats killer is the humidity. We usually have between 79-88%! No hair straighter can compete with that!
Ministry is going strong aside form that fact that we had to cancel a VBS this week due to the severity of the flu on Island. We are continuing to ministry to the Body of Christians on Island and getting ready to send home our S.O.S Students.

Thanks for keeping up with us even when we are sick.

-The Spearmans

Thursday, August 06, 2009


2 typhoons are spotted off the coast of Okinawa. The winds and rains are really picking up around here even tho i have heard we won't be getting hit directly. We brought in all of our decorations and plants that could easily fly away and are getting ready to see the rain. Although Okinawa does not usually suffer any fatalities from it's seasonal Typhoons, other areas in the world are not so fortunate. Please pray that the church building will stay intact and that God would provide safe harbors for those who have none.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

sorry guys

Well guys, i'm sorry to announce but my old faithful digital camera has finally broken!
3 years was a good run for my little guy. This explains my lack of photos, but you can still keep up with us on and check out the great photos there :)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Park English VBS!!

We're getting ready for a week full of our English Explosion VBS!
We have so many kids in the area tha we decided instead of inviting them to the church for the VBS, we would take it to them!
It will be taking place at the Park close to Tommy's house
(here is a link with a few pictures of the park)
It's going to take place from 9am-lunch which will be the hottest time of the day, so pray that we all have the energy and that we don't run out of drinking water!!

Keep an eye on for more pictures!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Payer Request

Hey guys, we would like to ask you guys to keep the christian body here on Island in prayer. The swine flu is just beginning to hit Okinawa.
3 of our friends (including a baby under 3 years old!) have been diagnosed with Swine Flue. Immune systems are a bit weaker here, so please pray for strength and a quick recovery of those who are sick.