Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kinser Chapel

Sunday morning was another good time at Kinser Chapel. Rusty and I (along with a few others) go on base every Sunday morning and help out with the chapel. We are always up to our elbows with kids ministry of some kind.
Rusty has been hanging with the Jr. Highers for a while now and is always around for them to hang out with. I spend the morning with everyone under 5th grade. We have a great time memorizing our weekly bible verses, playing with play-dough and watching videos like The Story Keepers, VeggieTales and McGee and Me!

Be encouraged to know God has been blessing this small, but consistent ministry.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


We are all still recovering from burnt corneas (just kidding). We all watched the Solar Eclipse yesterday and wrote it down in our history books. It was the buzz word at church all night.
But Thursday is a new day and after a good class on evangelism and japanese we all packed into the van and went to the university for M.E.L.T.

A group of Christian Koreans are in the area until the 31st and they blessed us with a skit. It was powerful and moving. Christianity and sin are strange concepts for many Japanese, even the idea of Heaven and Hell is weird to them. The skit was a good bridge to tell the students how our lives use to be like the skit and how we have changed. The gospel went out, so please pray for those who had ears to hear it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayer Request

We would like to ask you guys to continue to pray for our S.O.S Japan ministry. As you may be aware, it's a 5 week program for summer 2009. We have invited a group of young guns to get a taste of missionary life. We are about a week and a half into it so far and we are just starting to get into the swing of things. We are letting them play tourist for the rest of this week before we really crack down. Please pray that these new students would understand the ministry here in Japan and develop a love for theses lost people. We would also pray that they grow in their walk with the Lord and develop into men and women of God.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well here are some pictures from the S.O.S group. Don't know if you can tell yet, but we're all getting a nice tan!
We have a bunch of new faces and personalities to get to know. These next 2 weeks are our "tourist" weeks, during which we will visit all the tourist traps on island as well as get some serious beach time. After that, it's lots of camping outreaches and English practice!

Please continue to pray for this group, we have so much new energy!
We started our missions, Japanese and evangelism classes in the mornings so please pray that the Holy Spirit will do something awesome with these lives.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Here is a run down of July so far in Oki:

July 4th was a blessing for the group here. The Futenma base chaplian's assistant, invited us all over to her house for a BBQ. It was so great eating good old american style hamburgers and homemade cookies. Afterwards we went to Kedena Airbase and milled around the festival. The fireworks were beautiful and the mass exodus afterwards was a challege in and of it'self! Within the next week or so we had lots of hanging out time with people who are leaving and coming.

On tuesday, the Amargo family celebrated Ina's birthday at the Futenma bowling ally and invited the whole church! It was such a blessed time of bowling and snacking. The Amargo family are all so joyful and giving. They made sure everyone was having fun, as well as making their daughters 18th birthday one to remember.

Tom Cotton flew out this week to visit his fiance` and then will fly home to attend his sisters wedding, we will miss him for a few weeks but we will see him back this fall. Ina Amargo, along with the whole amargo clan is heading out to Tokyo this week to get Ina settled in. She will be ministering in the Tokyo area with Megan. Her family is going along to see the sights, climb Fujisan and give her one more hug.

Also, along with everyone leaving, we also got some new faces around the Cafe. Adam and Jonathan showed up last night and are the first crew for S.O.S Japan! Jonathan is Joels brother, and Adam is a long time friend of both Eder and Joel. We are hitting everything Okinawa to get them introduced to the Island. But i think the wall of humidity is a pretty good welcoming party by it'self ;) They are the first group and we are excited to meet everyone else this weekend and next week. Please keep everyone in prayer as they are traveling or adjusting to the weather.

-The Spearmans