Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Summer 2010. One year in mainland.

It's September.

I can only assume that I'm not the only person on earth saying that, but I can't believe it's been over a year now since we moved to mainland Japan.
Life has changed a lot, and as I notice my maternity clothes starting to fit "right" I can see how things will only change more.Tokyo life has gone so fast and we've faced more lessons than we really intended to over this last year. We've learned how important "Family Time" is and how important it is to keep the doors and windows shut when the AC is on.
We've seen how drastically different a day can go when you begin it by reading your bible and how your entire life perspective can change just by taking an at home test.
I do have to say, for those of you who follow the blogg (even for as slow it is to update) that we are so thankful for your prayers and support. It's been a rough year but that is how we learn what the good times truly are.
God has been so consistent and faithful.

We've never gone hungry and we've never been stranded inside of our problems. We've always had plenty and never lack.
It really is something, when you begin to see the books and chapters of the bible in your life. Not just something you read or try to memorize, but when you are challenging yourself to live them out day to day.This summer has gone by very fast, and unfortunately we don't have many pictures to show for it. I have a few and I'll share them with you with a small caption if I can remember why we took them.

Life continues on at the preschool :)

We held an end of the school year fun day to kick off the summer. Balloons where a big hit.

We got a chance to go up to Okutama camp and have a church picnic and baptism. The water was cold and the food was great. Plus their was a guy with a star on his head.

We also concluded the preschool with a play. Noah's Ark. One of Noah's sons was just too worn out.

Next we flew back to America to spend a month visiting with Family. It was both a hard month and a beautiful month. As most of you know, my father passed away the morning I flew into Idaho. Another life changing experience to add to this year, but the very fact that I was even able to be in America during this time was like God was saying "You are mine."
We spent the month with my mother and got a chance to fellowship. God blessed the time we had and is still continuing to teach us from it.

We also got a chance to spend some time in Idaho after our time in Texas. Our closest friend, Jamie got married! Rusty attended the wedding for the both of us (I was in Texas with my mom) and served as Best Man. Weddings are such a beautiful thing. God created a beautiful covenant and I'm so happy that we could include this into our summer.

Again, thank you everyone for keeping up with us and we'll see you more as the months progress.

-Amber, Rusty and baby S.